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Still living in the past

Well, since yesterday's post was about Monday, today's shall be about yesterday. But that's okay, since I didn't really do much of anything today. Except attend a lecture, and catch up reading the comment of the aforemention Huge Snape Wank.

Anyway, the main attraction of yesterday was workshopping my play - or the first three scenes of it, anyway. (Remember that thing I was bitching about not having ideas for? The ideas showed up.)

In any case, it was kinda fun, in a very odd way. I got to hear what people who don't share my brain think of my ideas. But it didn't seem to go down too badly for the most part, even if I had to explain a bit (the whole not finished thing, y'know...)

Main criticisms from the tutor: It's too televisual, rather than theatrical. Which I can understand perfectly well - when storytelling I tend to think more filmically than stagelike. Which might require some adjustments, but that can be worked on.

The second one, which both amused and vaguely annoyed me, is that my "couple in love" in the story appartently don't seem in love enough. Apparently they should be less bickery and more "lovey". At which point my head decided it wanted to become intimately involved with my desk. (I like bickery couples, okay! I like banter! Soppy couples bore me)

But that shall be worked on for the next while, oh well. I will also being my tutor about it next Tuesday, so I'll try and have the other scenes at least sketched out by then, and these reworked.

And I also need to get a title. Shall wander around Teh Interwebs looking for quotes, but in case anyone can help, does anyone know of any literary quotes or the like referring to the "Orpheus goes to the Underworld" story? It'd be a help...

And, fandomly there's nother rec down. Actually, I meant to do this last night, but I was too tired.

ETA: To the random (and quite stupid) person whose LJ I stumbled across - Posting your mobile phone number and your address online (complete with directions on how to get there) is not a smart move. I haven't a fucking clue who you are, but who knows what shit someone could pull with that info.
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