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The Truth is Out There

I love seeing wanky rumours shot down.

Context: One of the results of the original GitF-wank was this batshit rumour that all the GitF used for Moffat bashing. Namely, that Moffat had called the people who disliked it "emotional retards". Or something on those lines. And this got repeated over and over. And over.

And now it comes out that no-one can find an actual source for it. Certainly not the OG (since about the time the wank went down I was involved in certain "experiments", and been reading his posts quite avidly, I knew this, but many TWoPers aren't members), and it's not something that would ever make print media.

But, it sort of amuses me that for months the TWoPers have been bitching about something that never happened. And am vaguely annoyed on Moffat's behalf, too. Getting hated on for a lie.

Still, it's funny how rumours like this can spread in fannish locations. Rather like spoiler speculation...
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