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Waiting, waiting....

Dear Lord, I hate Daylight Savings. First it managed to completely and utterly bewilder me the other night (But why is 2am gone?), but now, when I have woken up in order to "obtain" the last Torchwood ep, it means that my old normal time is no longer suitable.

Bastard clocks. And I can no longer get back to sleep. Thus, I shall sit up and make exceedingly random posts until I can find a downloadable copy.


- If one has a poster above the head of their bed, please ensure that it is well attached to the wall. Waking up to a poster on your face is creepy as all fuck.

- Tinhats. In the Doctor Who fandom. Why, I ask you, why? *is currently refraining on commenting on the icon of "Bitch, please"-ness

- For some suitably wanky entertainment, the HP fandom never fails to provide. Thus, we have this and this to check out.

- Rec up. Two to go. If the effing download takes too long, I might do one during the wait, even.

- torchwoodcoffee has over 120 members. Egads.
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