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Torchwood Episode 3

Review/comments are a bit late, as I was distracted by other things. Still, I'll be brief and give my opinion. Because I am sure you are all desperate to know what I think.

- Still far from perfect, and I could guess at where the plot was going to head a little too easily, but a huge improvement from last episode, which did not impress me at all. If the things that were touched on here are followed up on, this show really might deserve the whole "adult drama" thing it's going for.

- Seeing the past thing made sense. The seeing the future thing sort of did, too, though the seemed to try and go both ways on the predestination vs self-made future, what with the kid vs Gwen.

- The end contained rather too much portentious speechifying about the future and hope and all that. The message could have been gotten across in rather less screentime and/or dialogue.

- Not enough Ianto. Still, that looks to be remedied next week, hurrah!

- Not enouh Toshiko, either. Admittedly, we seem to be going by the one or two characters are focused on an episode, but we know far too little about them three episodes in - that's a quarter of the series, almost!

- After this episode, Owen became... if not likeable, at least given the potential of being likeable in the future. He's a bit of a twat, but a well acted one, and if he actually shows signs of learning from the empathy with the raped and murdered girl, than II'll be happy. If not, I shall be, as they say Not Amused.

- Rhys - Gwen's boyfriend - is an utter darling. And judging from the stuff Gwen saw from the Ghost Machine, they had a great relationship. I am dreading whatever horrible thing people feel compelled to have happen to Rhys/their relationship. Curse you, television, and your unhappy relationship conventions!

- Gwen, I am starting to like rather more. She seemed a bit more competant and like someone who was a police officer, so she had more interest. That said, I can't believe she was so useless around guns. I learnt how to shoot at 14, and I have no aspirations of law enforcement whatsoever - though it was with shot-gun, rather than revolver. (which is why I was vaguely annoyed with the one hand-only, no support for recoil thing. Stance was right, but she wasn't set up for recoil)

- I do hope the "Gwen killed someone" thread is also touched upon later on. She had her shocked little break down, and again, if it is brushed over I willbe vaguely annoyed.

- Jack seems rather less interesting than he was in Doctor Who. He is so... gloomy, and nowhere near as fun. Logical, considering what he has went through, but a bit depressing. I want some outrageous, flirty fun Jack to contrast with the angst. Too much angst gets on my nerves. Example: When Gwen asked if he got lonely at night. Perfect set up for some outrageous comment, and what did we get? Nothing.

- Note to production team: Plz stop shoving the Jack/Gwen ship down my throat. As the gun training scene showed, they can be mondo hot. The deep talks and confiding only in you and all that really aren't necessary. They just seem... superflous.

- They seem to have slightly toned down the dramatic aerial shots. Which is a bit more productive. And less is more and all that.

- Chase scenes - or the first one, at least - seemed a bit too long. I liked the second with the running through the yards, though. It was fun.

Overall: If the character stuff is continued on - and we actually learn a bit about Tosh and Ianto</i>, this show just might get somewhere. I still don't like it nearly as much as Who, but it's interesting, and it can be fun.

And, next week is Cyberness!
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