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Pimping. And other stuffs.

- My last rec post for crack_van. Well, that's my month over and done with, and hopefully it pointed some people in the direction of some good fic they hadn't read before. I wonder who's on for November?

- mina_de_malfois has updated! Yes, a bit more Mina is always good for the soul. And the amusement value. Also, I'd keep an eye on the footnotes when they are next updated, if I were you...

- There has been an infestation of pink icons in fandom as of late. So, courtesy of nostalgia_lj, I decided to join the crowd. ;)

- The Teaspoon is down. This makes me emo, because despite the fact that the quality of fic there seems to be going downhill rapidly, there were a few quite good fics I was following, and now I can't see if they have updated.

- Next Links List will be late. Partially due to crack_van, partially due to the Teaspoon downage, and partially because I am too lazy for my own good.

Oh, and Doctor Who won some awards. Most Popular Drama (I think), and Tennant and Piper got ost Popular Actor and Actress respectively. Go Teh Show.
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