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Reviewing the Day

Well, we had our boarding house review last night. For the first section, the younger years basically paid out us Year 12s a lot about the typical little quirks - people who are always on the phone, or getting their hair done, or who are forever complaining about school...Natuarally, I got done for all the time I spend on the computer - I got the award for "Using the Internet room to the absolute MAX." Which is true, although I don't mind if they mocked it. I am half considering putting up the address of my LJ, so they can all take a look at some of the stuff I get up to when I am online.

Then us Year 12s got up and sang lots of songs. You know the type - "Friends Forever", and "I'll be There for You", and that sort of thing, only little sections. Our final (and only entire) song was "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith - that one from Armaggedeon. Let it suffice to say everyone was bawling by the end of it. Then I went and called my friend Gabby for sadness and reminiscing.

In other news, I got back my results from my two Maths tests. And I am not saying what they are, because the marks are completely SHOCKING! I swear, they are like the worst marks I have got for a test in a bout 4 years. The main problem I had was that I ran out of time answering the questions, so I only finished about half of them, and then guessed the rest. Let it suffice to say that if I had finished all the questions, I would have done a lot better - my guesses were not good. Guess who is moving Maths to their major study subject for the next two weeks...

We have some stupid assembly next, to give out the certificates of "Attainment" to the Year 12s. Fun, considering there are like 160 of us...

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