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Sorry to have been so long in updating, but I have been busy. Busy, busy, busy.

As in, yesterday I had both my Psych exam for the semester, and my HPS paper due. Paper's kind of rubbish, but it's done. And the exam went okay - well, better than I expected, anyway. One of the subtopics I knew well had rather more questions on it than I had expected.

And, because I'd done an all-nighter before that to finish the essay and do some cramming, after the exam was over, and I headed home, I immediately crashed in bed, and slept for 15 hours straight.

As for today, I ended up meeting up with Andy - guy whom I may have mentioned in the past, about chatting on MSN - from the UK, who was in Australia for his brother's wedding (I think). We had lunch, and then did the tourist thing, and headed up to the Old Melbourne Gaol. Which was... interesting. If a little macabre.

And then, being sci-fi types, we wandered down to Minotaur to have a look what they had in. Yeah, geekiness.

And thus goes my busy, busy life. Or not so busy, now, as my final exam isn't until the 21st.
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