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Not a happy camper.

Ack. I seems guess a yesterday was right - I amcoming down with something. Or, at least, I'm getting the rest of the usual "I'm sick!" symptoms - runny nose, feeling tired all the time, arms and legs all woobly*, and lack of appetite. Which is Not Fun at all.

Still, at least it wasn't last week, because getting sick in the middle of having a final paper, writing folio and exam on in three days would have seriously fucked me up. Thouggh, for all I know the lack of sleep and food, and busy, busy, busyness in that period might have been what set it off. I didn't have much appetite then, either.

Alas! I can but hope I get a bit better over the next week before my last exam.

Until then, I must wait until midnight, and get on with obtaining the next lot of Torchwood then. (I've been avoiding my flist for the most part to avoid spoilers)

Until then, I might go have a nap. Or read some more of the DWM which arrived today. Quote of the day, regarding Mickey in said magazine:


(*woobly: highly technical term, this. Somewhere between wobbly and woozy. Not fun at all)

ETA: Torchwood is currently being obtained. 32% in the last 15 minutes or so, so should be finished in about half an hour.
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