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This was going to be a post where I did that wish-list whatsit for the Christmas exchanges that everyone is setting up now, before wandering around my flist and finding people to swap cards/pressies with, but The Sick thing has made me grumpy and less focused. Instead of doing actual sensible things, all I want to do is wrap myself in blankets, have something hot to eat, and read Star Wars fanfic. Particularly with the weather going mental lately - hail and all, WTF?

So, that's been put off a little longer, alas. The computer seems to be being a bit slow to update to the next lot of broadband, too. Odd, that.

In any case, my Awesome Awesome thing arrived. More about this later on, perhaps.

Oh, and mina_de_malfois has been updated, so more reading goodness. Definitely check out the newest footnotes, m'kay?

On the subject of reading matter: Anyone up to rec me some more Star Wars fic? I haven't the faintest idea why, but I am drifting in that fandomly direction again.
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