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Starting Christmas-type planning way too early

Right, onto this wishlist thing, eh? I'm feeling rather better now - obviously, for all their horrid after-taste, the Vitamin C and Zinc Strepsils did some good. Along with the fruit juice, and hot soup.

Anyway, I'm slightly behind flistwise, and have lost track of everyone who is doing card/gift exchanges or what have you. If you are doing one, and want to get a card from moi in Melbourne, or something interestingly Australian - or even just a card or pressie from me, drop me a link or something to your wish-list and/or sending details, and I'll put it onto my to-do list.

As for me - I'd love cards from anyone and everywhere. Yeah, I like getting mail. As for slightly more present like things, I haven't an Amazon wishlist or anything like that, which quite a few people on my flist do, but hey, I like being surprised!

But, if one wants some more precise wishes...

1. Specialised icons. I'd love some more icons with "drakyndra" on them, or just some more personalised one off ones. Yeah, I like icons. Animated, or just nice pictures, I don't mind. Just unique icons. You read my LJ, you know what stuff I like...

1b. On that note, I have two ideas for personalised, one off animated icons, which I would really love. If I had any talent at icon-making whatsoever I would make them, but that is not one of my great skills, so I'll leave it up to others. I have very precise ideas of how they should look, so if you are interested, give me a buzz, and I'll describe what I want more precisely.

2. A personalised LJ layout. As much as I like my current one, it's very simple and plain, and I know there are people who could do things a lot more impressive and nice looking. Even if it is just a banner (with some intructions on setting up), I'd love something for my LJ. As with above, my interests should be pretty clear to those who know me.

3. Fics! For my fandoms, any of them, really. Short or epic or whatever, some more nice fic to read would be lovely. What I like to read should be pretty obvious, but some specific things I am after, are for Doctor Who, Tenfic (Not Doctor/Rose, unless you make it distinctly dark and messed up), Ten/Reinette of any and all kinds, Martha speculation fic, Mickey fic (Ten/Mickey or Ten and Mickey would be love), alt-POVs of canon events, the Doctor seen through outsider eyes, and fics that combine old and new canon. For Star Wars: Lukefic, especially dealing with the Luke-Vader or Luke-Obi-Wan relationships (non-slashy, I mean). Or anything really centering on Luke. Movie-canon only preferred. I'm drifting a bit away from Harry Potter and Firefly fic as of late.

I also have a weakness for crossovers. Shut up, I know. sarah_531 went and put me in mind of Ten meets Luke adventures. And anyone who writers Thursday Next fic with any other canons is love

4. Onto more physical gifts: Any Doctor Who merchandise type things would be brilliant. I have a subscription to the magazine, and can buy the new series books, but any of the older series books - or for that matter, audios or DVDs even in uploaded form would be greatly appreciated. You also get to pimp your favourites out to me, as well! But, on a cheaper note, any of the just toy-type things would be great, as I am not big on merchandise. I would adore model Daleks.

5. Music, whether actually or mix CDs. I have a fairly diverse taste in music - my current faves include classical, punk, rock, weird mash-ups and songs from musicals, so I have fairly diverse tastes, some interesting, different music - or even a few good classical pieces - would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I wouldn't say no to anyone who could get me a complete soundtrack to any of Tchaikovsky's ballets. Or Carmen in it's entirety. Or anything by the Sex Pistols (see what I mean about diverse?)

6. I have a deep obsession with accessories - scarves, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and badges, hats, you name it. Any of these, whether hand-made or not would be deeply apprecaited. And would get worn a lot, so you'd get to be bragged about to my friends.

7. Since we are on a clothing note, I love t-shirts with geeky little slogans or quotes from shows, or whatever. Any more shirts are welcome! I'm about a 10 or 12 in Australian sizes, which according to this size converter works out as a Medium, or 10 in UK sizing, and 8 in US. (That sounds about right, by the clothes my Mum got for me when she was in the US)

8. Surprise me! If you see something that you think I might like or reminds me of you, feel free to go for it. I like surprises and haven't really given much thought to presents as yet.

And that's that. As you can probably see, I haven't really thought about gifts yet, and most of the stuff I had thought about getting for Christmas was major things to ask for from the parentals, and of a slightly larger budget. (Translation: I am trying to work out if I should ask for a new computer, or new mobile. Or both) If you wish to send me anything, my address can be found here. It's flocked, so if you can't see it, let me know.

So, please leave links if you want me to send you a card, or anything more. Toodles.
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