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And, my exams are over for another year, yay! Astronomy was yesterday morning, and it was... okay. Some I could do, some I took a stab at, and some I just left, but I should do okay on it. Which means I am now free for the holidays. Free as a bird!

As a reward, I decided to order some CDs online - one by Gogol Bordello, and one by Vagabond Opera.

...And so now I must stumble through my flist, working out cards and what-not for exchanges. And I still need to finish up my enrollment for next year.

Any way, on Monday I went with saikogrrl and friends to see "Children of Men" and the movies. It was very good, I have to say. Thought provoking and all.

ETA: Looking through course requirements. I think I need some more Science subjects. Any suggestions for some subjects? I've done two first year Psych ones (for my major), two programming subjects, which was a little dull, and two astronomy ones, which were more interesting. But I need another two or three subjects, alongside my major so I fulfill the requirements.
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