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Whee! My very first Chrissie card and present arrived today - 'twas a purple tie, courtesy of lizbee. It's all pretty, and purple, yays! Now I need to figure out what to wear it with...

As for my cards and what-not to send off, I think I'll go get that stuff come next week. This is my week of laziness, and exam recovery. And headaches, because of the darned heat earlier.

In other news: The Sister is off at Robe for Schoolies. And, apparently, in December she has an interview for Medicine at Monash, so good luck to her. I think it's the rural access whatsit kicking - there are some advantages to living in the middle of nowhere when it comes to Uni. Which I didn't get, what with going off to boarding school and all for VCE, so it's lucky I got my first preference.

Speaking off Uni, I've pretty much worked out next semester's subjects. More Psych, of course, a Cultural Studies subject I wanted to do (which is apparently classed under English, oddly enough, but I don't mind), and Sociology, because as Arts majors go, English isn't the most... useful one around, and a double major is possible. Also, Sociology goes well with Psych, particularly as I have an interest in Social Psych.

Oh, and my Nana is in hospital.
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