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Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

The end of an Era (cue sappy music)

Oh My God! My last day of school is OVER! I have no more classes, no more school, EVER! It is absolutely amazing. Terrifying, but amazing. I'll tell you guys all about it, but the last twenty-four hours have been rather busy, so it'll be an epic post, which I will hide behind a cut...

This should be more accurately called "The final 24 hour period" but what the hell...

Firstly, was the boarder's formal last night. It sounds far fancier than it actually is - basically, the food is 3 courses instead of two, and way better, everyone is dressed up and the dining hall is decorated, but it wasn't a lot more than that. Our theme was maskerade, so everyone had masks, ranging from the cute, to the elegant, to the utterly hideous *cough* Geoff! *cough*
I decided to go against the trend and NOT actually wear black (Shock! Horror!), so I was wearing blue. I had a really nice mask also. The food was really good - chili chicken - and the dinner was fun. Although for some obscure reason, I had random people doing some over the top flirting with me. Slightly scary, actually. Afterwards we got to dance, though the boys all took off at this point

After that, the Year 12 girls had their sleepover in the TV room. All 23 of us, so it was VERY crowded. I had to sleep on some chairs, which were not at all comfortable. We all watched the boarding house's favourite movie, aka Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze, oh my! An old movie, but it is damn good. Then, we wnet and slept until about 3am, at which point certain insane people woke us all up so that they could go do things to the junior years (like spraying them with water or shaving cream, or stealing their school shoes) Everyone was a little hyper for a while, people calmed down and put on another movie (Love Story which I think sucks)We all generally messed around for another few hours, until at some time before six even more havoc was wrecked on the kids. And then we started getting ready for Muck-Up Day.

Muck-Up Day, for those not in the know, is the last day of school, where everyone just...mucks around. Our theme was Boot Camp, so we had heaps of people dressed in Camo gear, as soldiers or sailors or terrorists. Or characters from MASH. I was almost deafen by all the whistles people were blowing as we arrived. The girls' boarding house did our traditional march (we come in late singing this song at the top of our voices.

We did actually have classes - not that much work was done. In Physics, we listened to our teacher read us a Dr. Suess book, of all things. In chem we got our last test back (I got about 84 percent, which I am happy with) English was a true party, complete with ice-cream, chocolate and lollies, and at the end our entire class went around to other classes, where we sang songs at them.) In Maths, we actaully did revision, though.

The day was heaps and heaps of fun - the mopst fun I have had at school ever, really. For the day, people had set up all this stuff in the quadrangle - a jukebox, a snow-cone machine, a jumping castle (!)
et al. I spent a lot of time out there, and ended up rather sunburnt. The best bit would be at the end, when someone had gone and set up the jukebox so it went and played "Nutbush" and then "Macarena." Crappy songs, I know, but everyone joined in the dancing, and it was just so much fun!

So I am now going to go out on the town for a while. I don't need to be at school tomorrow, except for a farewell assembly at 12:20, though I have been asked to come earlier for this photo thing. Apparently, the local paper is doing some article on VCE high achievers, and I was chosen as one of the sixteen for my school who were expected to go really well. Which I was very surprised about, but not at all unhappy to hear.

And... I guess that is it for now.

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