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I fail at sleep.

Well, trying to get some sleep didn't work at all last time. Spent a few hours tossing and turning, before I gave it up as a bad job, and then toddled back online. Lurked round the OG, which is being... very OG like, as of late. Though spoiler-deficient, to my disappointment.

That said, the few spoilers we have had, have given me some S3 meta-thoughts. Yes, already, I know it's still months off, but I had a thought about character names. Will have to wait until a later date, though.

Wandered down to the school to Do My Duty, and voted.

Maybe I shall try and get some sleep now. I've got seven hours worth of running around shotting people with laser guns tonight, I wouldn't want to be too tired for that.
Tags: fandom: doctor who, i need sleep, my brain is crack

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