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Some painful fun

Well, Dark Zone was a lot of fun, I must say. In a "my thighs are now killing me" sense, but still...

Lots of fun was had. There were a few people I had been expecting to come who hadn't (where were you guys?), but still there were, what, 20 odd people there?

Memorable moments include: Me getting God Mode, and then immedately falling down the stairs. Nothing more than some bruises, fortunately though.

Also, I dscovered that Chucks are really quite advantageous when one wants to sneak around silently. Also, there's this nice little spot on the ramp up to the bridge near Yellow Base in which I can lie down, and no-one on the other side of the bridge can hit my pack, whereas I can just watch and shoot them. And no-one coming up to the ramp to Yellow Base can see you either.

Anyways, after those seven hours of exhaustingness, I ended up with a couple of people heading to the Camberwell Market, in order to buy some Second-Hand Goths (don't ask...). Which was quite good, actually - it's one of the better second-hand markets I've come across. After the others left, I wandered around on my own for a bit, and bought a few things - some nice, (and very cheap) clothes, some hand-made Christmas cards, a small but genuine Louis Vuitton bad (only ten dollars!), oh and this most wonderful thing:

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Yes, it's a plushy Death.

However, since I hadn't planned on visiting the market after Dark Zone, I was quite unprepared. And thus managed to get rather impressively sunburnt. Ow.

Then, back home and off for a nice long sleep - obviously, seeing as it is now Monday.

Some amusing quotes from the night:

aurellia: "My dice did okay, they made me a girl.

bellmeister: "But why would you want a naked leprechaun?"

aurellia: (To lena_supercat) "Just remember, flesh heals, points are forever.

Oh, and an extra special present, since I was uploading pictures:

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