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Lancelot rides again

And my computer is back again, huzzah! Some system file or another has been repaired, and it's still being odd about power, but for now, at least, it is working properly, which cheers me immensely.

This is possible because in the two and a half days my computer was off, I managed to do the following:

- Read 9 and a half books
- Clean my room
- Do my laundry
- Spend an afternoon shopping
- Watch the final episode of The Glasshouse (*sniff*)
- Go to bed early. Twice.

...Yeah, I get a bit stir crazy if I haven't anything to do. And my computer, what with it having all my music, being my DVD player, and the Intarweb, is a constant source of things to do.

In other news, there was a CHAS meeting tonight. Discussed what were planning for next year, mainly O-Week and first semester, but also some later stuff. I've been roped in for a Doctor Who day in semester one (current thoughts: Show The Runaway Bride, since there's no way the ABC will have started the series yet, and so it'll be something only us naughty types will have seen).

Oh, and we may be making some home-made printed t-shirts. I'm trying to think of some amusing things to put on them. "Ask me about hats" is the only thing I have come up with thus far.

I got another Chrissie card today, this one from tencrush. I love getting mail! That reminds me, must go through wish-lists and sort out what I want to get people. Next week = present shopping, since I got cards at the market last Sunday.

Also, my sunburn is starting to peel. I believe the correct phrase is "ew".
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