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Diabolical eBay plots

Reasons to dislike this weekend: I can't find out what this parcel I supposedly have is until Monday. I mean, where's the fun in getting mail if you can't open it?

In other news, I am being evil to someone on eBay. Well, not so much evil as irritatingly pedantic and law-abiding. (Long story short: I bought multiple items from one guy, and due to I mix up, I ended up paying for one of the items individually, as well as the group in total. I asked to refund that one item's cost. He refused. I am now trying to force him to give me my refund)

I get to send him PayPal invoices, and threaten to contact eBay about over-charging me. Not that it's a particularly huge amount of money or anything but, you know, it's a matter of principle.

It's actually quite fun.

(That said, I suspect that the only reason I'm having such fun with it is because it is only, relatively speaking, a small amount of money, and not getting the refund wouldn't bother me. If it was more money, I think it'd be less fun, and more anger-making)

Also: Marshmallow spread. One of the strangest and most wonderful foodstuffs to be found at my local supermarket.

On a fannish note: The Official Doctor Who site has an advent calender counting down until Christmas. With goodies each day such as wallpapers. I am intrigued by what might show up.

Also, according to sources In The Know at the OG, Runaway Bride pictures are embargoed until Tuesday (why no new DWM cover has been unveiled yet). So expect the press stuff to hot up from then.

Also, if "your heart is crying so much I think that it's dying" because a soundtrack album doesn't have the version of a song you like, you are possibly investing a little too much into things.
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