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Trailerly goodness

And the Press for The Runaway Bride has begun.... Yes, it's just a couple of moments in the Beebs Christmas promotions. But still, they look mightily cool. (I have to say, I very much like Euros Lyn as a director. But if the rest of the ep looks as good as these clips, kudos to the design people)

Note to self: Get some new icons.

I'm starting to feel the hype, and it's quite wonderful. For all people can bitch and moan about certain aspects of Doctor Who (and I'm including myself in "people"), I adore the way it makes me feel like a kid again.

It's just... It's December now, and Christmas is coming. Like, really, instead of just the weird way early Christmas stuff that shops seem to go in for.

Is anyone else feeling ecstatically happy for no apparent reason? Or is it just me?

In any case, it's a rather wonderful feeling. I'm bouncing off the walls. (rather more literally than one might expect...)
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