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I am completely incapable of talking about just one topic at a time

I actually thought Torchwood was quite good this week. Colour me surprised.

The Beeb have been suppling some good stuff on their advent calender. The original Song for Ten the same day as the Soundtrack release - seems rather planned to me, must say.

Also, why is it that post-Doomsday reunion fic is always referred to as "fixing things"? Sorry dudes, canon isn't actually broken. It just went a direction you didn't like.

Oh, I have my parcel I was whinging about on the weekend. Turned out to be a bunch of Target novelisations I bought on eBay. Because it's not as if I don't have enough books already or anything. (I have, quite literally, run out of space on my bookshelf)

Also got another parcel, but it's contents shall not be mentioned, as the are possibly going to be used as Christmas presents. I'm still deciding whether I want to keep it for myself or not (though the seller did supply some lovely gift boxes...)

Oh, and the eBay kerfuffle of the other day appears to be resolved. I win, huzzah

Quote of the day (The day being, in fact, yesterday):
fa11ing_away: "It's too hot to live, let alone wear pants!"

Oh, and over at Teh OG, I am having a 2000th post party. Other members, feel free to drop in and join the celebrations. Yes, it's a party celebrating my lack of life outside the internet, what can one do?
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