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Ticking off the to-do list

Firstly, much thankness to kniblet and dibsy, whose present arrived today. I am now posess a copy of The Time-Traveller's Wife, and several blocks of rather fascinatingly flavoured chocolate.

Toddled into Uni to do my stuffs. Got signed up to the Union (though held out on photo until next week. Funnily enough, next week is when I have a hairdresser's appointment.)

The city was really very busy today. Which figures, you know, what with Christmas shopping and all. Oh, and the fact that today was the opening of the Krispy Kreme at Melbourne Central (I was amazed at how busy it was when I walked past. It's a doughnut place!)

In any case, quite a bit of my shopping was done, but not all. I have one or two things to finish off, which I shall do over the weekend.

Oh, and for those who are interested, JB Hi-Fi has the Doctor Who Series Two boxsets in - much cheaper than last year, as well. I picked up a copy, so that shall go onto my list of entertainment for later on

Also, I apparently have developed some weird magnetic influence over money. Or something. Every time I stood still, people nearby would drop coins. It was most peculiar.

Oh, and you know nothing of joy until you posess a stress strawberry. *squishes*

Finally, tomorrow is t-shirt painting with CHAS (Yes, I shall actually have to get up at a time that is AM. The horror...) If anyone has any suggestions for some amusing slogans to put on the shirts I bought, feel free to leave them in the comments here, and I'll take a look before I leave tomorrow morning.

A random link of amusement. Namely, an overheardinmelb entry that made me grin.
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