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Egads, busy, busy day yesterday.

To start off with, semester results were out. I managed to pass all my subjects, which was distinctly of the good - means I passed everything this year, even if not spectacularly for one or two subjects. So, onto next year!

Results were:
Writing Scripts H2A
Science, Philosophy and History H2B
Personality and Social Psychology 2 H3
Stars and Galaxies Pass (Yeah, I probably should have studied more fot his one)

Then, onto CHAS for banner painting (we meant to do some t-shirt painting, as well, but we sort of ran out of time. Got all of the banners except one done, so reasonably productive.

Then, onto fa11ing_away's party at the iPartment. A whole bunch of people turned up. (admittedly, some quite late - you know who you are!). Lots of silliness and fun. And drink. Being the complete lightweight I am, I had rather too much to drink. Still, at least I didn't end up with a hangover.

Some amusing quotes from the night:

altheas: "This is the most comfortable I have ever been... OW!"

lukeii: "What the hell is fandom?"
Oh, the poor, poor dear...

On the subject of fandom, anyone interested in potential Doctor Who wank should check out a certain Series Three spoiler that seems to have gotten quite a few people rather riled up. It seems to be doing a tour of the tabloids right now, in a bit of a Chinese whispers game. Amusing over-reations from some people, mind.

And Doctor Who has hit clairvoyant_wank. Whether it gets properly wanked or not, we shall have to wait and see.
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