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Stuff about other people

So, VCE results are out today. I got a text from The Sister regarding her results: Apparently she got an ENTER of 87.55 which she is happy with (and she didn't get below a B on any of her exams), so good on her. Next thing: Uni places.

The family will be in Melbourne this week for her interview at Monash, and at one of the Colleges at Melbourne Uni. By then I shall hopeful come up with a Christmas list that consists of more than just "laptop".

On that subject, Christmas lunch shall be at Warrnambool this year. I'm currently trying to work out how long to be down there for. What's going on, socially, in the Christmas til New Year period, anyone?

In other news type stuffs, altheas is going to be moving out of the iPartment by the end of the month, so fa11ing_away and I shall be requiring a new housemate. And a new microwave. Any second floor types need a place to live, feel free to contact me, and I can give you some more information.
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