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My shiny new hair

So, today I went to the hairdressers, and got my hair done again, all shiny and new (I was long overdue for a cut, seriously).

For those who are interested I have a (admittedlt rather dodgy, since it was taken with the aid of my wardrobe mirror) photo:

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As you can see, I am no longer blonde. So, that lot is ended. I was starting to get bored with it, anyway, and was too lazy to do my roots (also, thinking ahead, I've heard the stories about pool chlorine turning it green). Still kept a few little

But, yes, shiny new hair. I rather like it, and it's interesting blonde streaky bits.

Also, for those who are familiar with The Emperor and his works at the OG, it seems that Sparacus has started a blog. I expect lulz aplenty.
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