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Because this meme was going around, and the results amuse me.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, drakyndra sent to me...
Twelve pears drumming
Eleven scarves procrastinating
Ten cats a-reading
Nine badges plocking
Eight icons op-shopping
Seven quotes a-shopping
Six daleks a-dancing
Five hu-u-u-ugging joss
Four star wars
Three good omens
Two links lists
...and a fiction in a buffy.
Get your own Twelve Days:


And some random things what are about fandom:

Torchwood has been renewed for a second series. Which is... yayness, sort of, though I'm hoping they improve on this series (That said, the last few eps have shown some improvement. Maybe it's the lack of Chibnall)

Under number 13 on the Doctor Who advent calender, you can see a short trailer for The Runaway Bride. Very squee inducing (and I like the music).

Doctor Who S3 spoilers can be found here and here. Significant camera shots of hand-holding are mentioned (which reminds me, I must try and have a "Doctor holding hands with people who aren't Rose" picspam done by S3, so I can refer back to it when people whine about that fact)

Oh, and people whom I am sending cards and pressies to, expect them to be late because I haven't sent them yet.

Also, WTF is with the Update Journal page?
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