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Busy stuffs

So, my cards and pressies have been sent off to people - well, most have been, I ran out of cards and had to buy some more. Yeah, I know, it's late - most of the stuff is unlikely to arrive before Christmas. For which, I apologise to people. At least it means the Christmas Day won't be the end of getting stuffs...

I started mentally constructing some Doctor Who meta today, in regards to Freema Agyeman. And then I realised I was projecting my own issues onto it, so it got scrapped. And then I started trying to redo it, and realised that that version was half theorising that mightn't end up true. So meta got ditched - though I might pick it up again come series three (when I have fact, rather than speculation to work with).

And I need to sort out plans for changeover of housemates, and Christmas. Egads. At least our lease has been renewed for next year.
Tags: fandom: doctor who, keyword-168, meta

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