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I think I need sleep

So, altheas moved out of the iPartment today. Well, that's one down. I hope he likes his new place and has a good housewarming party

As for me, today was Christmas shopping for Teh Family. If anyone's wondering, I'll be getting the train to Hamilton on Saturday morning, and coming back some time on Boxing Day. Between those times, I probably won't be answering my phone, because reception on the farm sucks like an almightily sucky sucking thing.

In any case, wandered round the city fora bit, and then headed over to the DFO on Spencer Street. Which was quite good, actually, if still unfinished. Also, there were people outside the station giving out free milk.

And after that I wandered up to the Night Market. Which was very, very busy.

So, shopping for the family (and a little for me - got a lovely 60s dress, and some shoe) is done.

Actually, while at the Vic Market I ran into to some old school friends - Gabby and Laura - whom I haven't seen since, ooh, 2003 I think. Which was bizarre, really - I turned around after paying for my juice, and there they were. So, we caught up for a bit, until they started packing up the market chairs, and I heard some of the goss.

It's strange how these things happen, truly.

On a fandomly note, anyone in Doctor Who fandom is probably aware that we've had an invasion of Runaway Bride spoilers (since the press screening was Monday), so I shan't bother to link to any of that stuff. Instead, I'll suggest heading over to Fandom Wank and OTF Wank which have had a flurry of good wanks in the past week or so (including a Doctor Who wank. Again)
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