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I really need to go out with my friends more often...


Early this year, I went out to a birthday party, and when I came back, we had a new Doctor Who companion. Tonight, I went out to see Casino Royale with fa11ing_away, and I come back to the Harry Potter Book 7 title.

If Big News is going to be announced every time I go out, Maybe I should do it with a little more frequency...

In any case, saw Casino Royale (fittingly enough, at the cinemas at Crown Casino), which was Very Good. I am rather looking forward to the next Bond movie, I think.

Loved the whole black and white pre-credits sequence. Very cool indeed. And the opening titles were fabulicious. As for the actual movie, I have to agree with pretty much everyone else - Bond with depth? Awesome! Very much liked the whole "Bond becoming the character we know" schtick, as well as the slightly increased realism of certain things - well, realism by Bond movie standards. Bond and M were fab, and I liked the complexity of who is betraying who and all that. As well as having some interest in the mysterious organisation behind things - one reason I am looking forward to the sequel.

fa11ing_away and I also had a bit of fun inventing words with "bling" in them. Word of the night ended up being "Blingasm"

Though I still think Brosnan was better looking...

ETA: A comment I made over at Fandom_Lounge at 2:59am. I'm keeping at eye on this number for posterity
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