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Egads, the weather!

So, tomorrow morning - early tomorrow morning, what with the "It's actually an AM" thing - I shall be heading off home to the farm and all. So, I shall be people adieu until Boxing Day, as I shall be away from Teh Intarweb, as well as decent mobile coverage for that matter.

Originally, I was going to post a Links List here as a Chrissie present. But I haven't gotten much of it done. Oops? I blame the heat, personally. It's making me lazy and tired. Oh well.

Got some more Chrissie cards from assorted people, and some chocolate and a home-made necklace from fa11ing_away. I have promised to get her something from Hamilton (No, not a sheep).

In any case, over the next few days, I shall miss the inevitable lot of HP Book 7 title wank (at least the early doses), the final bit of pre-Runaway Bride hype, the next episode of Torchwood, the intial Runaway Bride (and S3 trailer) reaction and the... Melbourne-ness of Melbourne.

Anyone spoil me for anything before I see it, and I'll kill you. ;)

So, must finish packing. Until Tuesday evening, toodles!
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