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Well, I'm back.

Yes, I is back from the Middle of NowhereTM!

Some random stuffs about the farm and the family:

- It was all very yellow, except the blue gums, which were green.

- A random feral cat has apparently adopted the family (this is far from the first, I can assure you). It remains nameless thus far.

- A shotgun is kept next to the front door, because of snakes.

- We also had a Mass Dog Invasion of the garden. Rover and Comet - our dogs - were less than amused, so we ended up with some dog gang warfare.

- My cousin Alistair and his wife have had their baby. The kid's been named Wentworth, the poor dear.

- My Nan is out of hospital again. So, we went and had Christmas dinner at a restaraunt with her. And, after that we went and visited my Grandma in her nursing home.

Presents were... present like. Got some chocolate and the POTC2 DVD from The Sister, a Dalek from Mum (I need a name from it...), and a microwave from Dad, who didn't get the memo that the iPartment doesn't actually need one now. Also got some more chocolate, some bits and bobs, some older James Bond DVDs (One Dalton, and one Connery, I believe). The usual stuff.

Christmas dinner was nice, if rather smaller than the last few years have been.

As a result of being internetless, I returned to 96 unread messages. And am now apparently a mod at dwcanon_fodder (WTF?).

And I am looking forward to The Runaway Bride. Spoil me and I KEEL YOU!
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