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Since my life is being quite dull right now, Yesterday's highlight was going grocery shopping. Dear Lord... I thought I might pimp some amusing online links.

Firstly, there's a new chapter of mina_de_malfois out. And it is, as always, highly recommended to everyone. Though this chapter might have a certain very special appeal to the Doctor Who fans on my flist (you'll know what I mean when I read it).

Which reminds me, I missed the Christmas Eve update when I was away, but it was also great, and for everyone who read that on my flist, can I advise taking a look at the footnotes for it. Under Mina de Malfois and the Seasonal Goodwill. You'll know exactly why I say this when you see it. ;)

Onto some other fannish amusement, though it's unlikely anything will live up to the horse thing, at the very least we can see the latest from the Harmonians (and co)

Trolling JF, dear, dear...
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