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Planning, buying, and other ings.

So, the accomodation for the Queensland trip has now been booked, as well as the plane tickets. Which is a good thing, as I really need to do now, is sort out the bus from Brisbane airport to where we are staying (a place on Main Beach - as in, on the beach, pretty much), and theme park passes. Oh, and to get myself a new bikini.;)

But it feels good to have that mostly sorted out. So, Queensland, I shall see you on the first of February!

Also, today I went to pick up a whole bunch of books *cough* Target novelisations *cough* which I bought off eBay. Since the guy selling them only lived about two suburbs away, I decided to pick them up and save on having to pay delivery. Which meant later wandering around the city with a bag containing 27 books, but oh well.

And now I must try and actually get some sleep, because I need to be awake at a time that is actually an AM, in order to meet a potential housemate.
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