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Egads, it's been a while since I updated (excluding random silliness about the Doctor selling books on eBay, anyway). And much has happened in the time since a last proper update. Which goes some way to explaining the lack of proper update, but anyway...

Weekend: Potential Housemate has now apparently become Future Housemate. More when he is upgraded to Current Housemate.

Monday: In the mail, I had one of my eBay Doctor Who books. (No, not the one from the Doctor, another one). In an envelope that not only contained said book, but also a note from the seller, written on coloured paper with little stars punched in it, hoping that I enjoyed the book. It was completely and utterly adorable.

In the evening, I wandered down into the city on The Sister's request, in order to pick up a paper and inform her what Uni course she'd gotten into. Which was, not entirely unexpectedly, Science at Melbourne Uni. Looks like I shall we shall be at the same Uni next year, which shall be... odd. Perhaps I can talk her into joining my clubs. Hurrah for paid membership!

Tuesday: Went off to a pool party at Sam's place. Considering the fucking insanely hot weather, the pool was highly enjoyable. Also managed to meet a whole lot of people who I didn't know (aka everyone who wasn't Sam or fa11ing_away, and have some rather interesting - and at times weird - conversations.

Some amusing quotes (two provided on fa11ing_away's request, since I'm quoting myself in them.

George: "When you're an adult, whipping takes on a whole new meaning."

Sam: (To me) "So, how's your love-life going?"
Me: I read porn on the internet.
Sam: O_O

Me: "I am prepared for all whatsits."
fa11ing_away: "Thingamajigs?"
Me: "Ay."
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