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The future is calling.

So, tomorrow The New Housemate moves in. Egads.

Also, tomorrow I shall be purchasing a new phone. I repeat, egads.

And then Wednesday is Muse, and Thursday we're off to Queensland. There's lots of egads to go around.

However, today I went and did some op-shopping. And also got a great big new oversized sunhat to wear in Queensland.

As well a shiny second hand skirt and cool jackety thing. And a possibly Prada bag (It's either genuine, or a very good knock-off. Ah, second-hand stores...)

Oh, and a bunch more of the Dresden Files books, because the second hand book place I go to had the first five. And I got store credit for selling some of my doubled Target Novels.

So, today was busy, and tomorrow looks like being even more so. Huzzah!
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