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A request type thingy

So, Melbourne Uni's O-Week is starting up, and on Thursday and Friday shall be the clubs days, yet again. And I shall be hanging around the CHAS table, and possibly drifting over to a few others, yet again. (Minus the purple hair this year, though).

So if any Melbourne types whom I don't already know want to see me, I'll probably be very findable around the CHAS table, being the token Whogeek. So come over and say hi. Or just geek out. And join CHAS, dammit!

The Sister shall be around, too, for her O-Week, which is a vaguely terrifying thought. I wonder how many clubs I can make her join.

Whilst we are on the subject, one of the CHAS table's things, apart from excessive amounts of sherbet bombs, is free stickers of quotes and whatnot. Anyone got any good ideas for some Doctor Who related quotes/remarks/whatever that I should ask tinyteddyqueen to print up? She asked me before for some, and I had a mental blank.

More about the CHAS table here

(Also, there will be Queendland and Nullus Anxietas write ups and pics soon, I swear. I'm just being terribly lazy about them right now)
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