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Random geekery and Uni (together, they fight crime!)

There's something terribly odd about having someone whom you have in the past disagreed with, fandom-wise, to the point that you classify them in the batshit category saying to you, "Yes, I believe you're right."


On fannish oddness, manips of amusingness, and the fic what inspired them. Because the victims of character-bashing for killing off batshippers dreams really ought to stick together. Especially when they are awesome.

In RL news, I must get into Uni to speak to someone about this semester's enrollment, since only three of the four subjects I've listed have shown up. At least my time-table seems to work okay, though. Even if I might want to switch pracs so my Thursdays are less excessively busy.

Maybe I'll toddle in tomorrow. And then go pester The Sister in her O-Weekness. I should get into some decent sleeping hours before Uni starts next week...

Oh, and I have been requested to bring copious amounts of Doctor Who stuff for the CHAS table. Current list: My remote control Dalek, TARDIS USB hub (because that's just cool), a pile of DWMs and that Tom Baker scarf (on specific request).

So them, and me (in a dressing gown, of course), shall be around the clubs and societies tables, Thursday and Friday, from about 10 to 3ish.

On that note, shame on you all for not giving me any quote suggestions to stickerise!
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