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And yet more Uni-ing (plus, fandom squeeage)

Over the last two days, I've had my first lectures for my other subjects this semester. Tuesday saw Developmental Psych, in which I discovered that later this semester I shall have to obtain a small child to perform an experiment on.

And today was Media, Politics and Society, in which very little subject matter was actually covered, but it certainly sounded interesting. We did have an amusing moment, though, when the audience was asked to give things that the media was used to supply, someone shouted out "Truthiness!"

Another Neuro lecture, too, which had it's own amusements.

The Lecturer (when discussing ethics in animal research at Melb Uni): "We swapped from animals, and now only use First years."

(On the subject of Neuro, I'm trying to decide if I should my obtained copy of Recovery before or after our next lecture, in which we discuss brain damage and it's effects on behaviour)

Attended Star Trek Club's first thing for the year, and thus got to witness most of the first Trek movie. And Spock and Kirk's amazing gay love.

Oh, and got meself subscriptions to the Age and the Herald Sun. Because without actual newspapers, I have a distinct tendency to lose track of current news, and thus over holidays my knowledge of current events tends to extend only to what's shown up on LJ ie. Fandomness and dead celebrities.

Onto fandomliness, it appears that we have an official start date for S3 of Doctor Who - 31st March. And lo, the fandom did squee.

There's also some good stuff in the new DWM, which I hope actually arrives for me (grumbles about things getting lost in the mail) New pictures, preview of the first ep, episode titles - one of which I took a wild leap of mental association, and thus am somewhat squeeful about - more later, perhaps.

Over at the OG, people have been posting bits of stuff from it, including some Martha dialogue I quite like. Once there's a bit more, I'll go post it over to lifeonmartha. And thus my diabolical scheme to get more people to join that comm via posting S3 news there exclusively continues...
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