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In which I have some spoilery meta thoughts that are most likely completely wrong.

Note: All the stuff I am discussing here comes up of having spent quite a bit of time in the OG spoiler section. It's mostly speculation, based on not a huge amount of actually spoilery fact, but there are some definite spoiler comments in here. So read at your own risk.

Also, I shall try to keep the spoiler stuff I mention here to a minimum, but the links back to the OG will have rather more spoilers, so watch out if you follow them.

Now, firstly, about that episode title I mentioned in my last post...

The title in question is the episode 12 (the first part of the finale) one: The Sound of Drums. When I first read it, I found it terribly fascinating for reasons that took a little while to pick up on, but after a little bit it struck me why: I was reminded of the title "A Sound of Thunder".

For those who aren't familiar with it, A Sound of Thunder is a terribly famous short story by Ray Bradbury about time travel. It's also I believe one of the original sources for the "Butterfly Effect" concept, and basically an utterly classic bit of sci-fi.

Now, why does the fact that the penultimate episode of S3 of Doctor Who might be a reference to some classic sci-fi interest me so (apart from the awesomeness of, you know, referencing classic sci-fi)?

Well, if you don't want to read it yourself, the basic idea of the story is that a a time-travel business is taking tourists back to the past for brief sojourns. The protagonist, Eckels (which I just realised is pronounced the same as "Eccles" *facepalm*) goes on one of these trips, but while doing so, gets upset and temporarily leaves the path. Then, when the trip is finished, he goes back to his own time, to find a horribly changed future - and realises that when he went of the path, he stepped on a butterfly. He caused this.

Why is this relevent?

Because the major change is that instead of the benevolent, democratic positive leader being elected, instead a fascist style dictator named Deutscher has been. Because of Eckles' interference.

And, going by the the spoiler reports for episode 12, it sees the election of Mr Saxon as British PM. In a time that the Doctor originally said was supposed to be ruled by the positive, benevolent Harriet Jones. Who fell from power because of his actions.

Can you see what I'm getting at here? Classic sci-fi referencing for the motherfucking win.

(Also, a random minor note: Both Saxon, and Deutscher have been used as a cultural description.)

Now, I could just be seeing patterns in things that aren't there, but, well, make up your own mind.

I still love the title "The Sound of Drums".

My second (and more spoilery) bit of spec. This one to do with potential series themes - or at least linkages.

To start with, in the latest DWM, we have the official preview. I haven't seen it, so I can't comment to a huge amount on it, but someone at the OG has supplied some info from it, including this bit of dialogue between Martha and the Doctor (which on a Martha character level I love, but that's beside the point):

Martha: What, people call you 'the Doctor'?
The Doctor: Yep
Martha: Well. I'm not. Far as I'm concerned you've got to earn that title.

Now, just a little while back - ie. the Cardiff filming - there was apparently a scene where the Doctor and co were watching a screen, whilst the ubiquitous Mr Saxon on it read out this speech (The screen and contents would be due to add in post-production, I assume, but for timing and reactions someone on set read the speech out)

On-screen Mr Saxon: "This country has been sick. This country needs healing. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that what this country needs is a Doctor!"

(reference here, but be warned for some very big spoilers in that thread)

Now, seeing as this is apparently Mr Saxon's victory speech, it's pretty obvious that he's implying that he is the Doctor for the "sick" country. I'm going to leave linking this to Harriet Jones's TCi speech for another time. But, well, filming shots have the Doctor and co rather less than happy about what's going on - plus Saxon is (from Runaway Bride) a shoot first sort of person. And I'm not even getting into the rumours about the Master and all.

But... we have a Doctor-in-training as Companion. We have in the first episode her commenting that Doctor is a title to be earnt. We have a Doctor Lazarus, messing around with the natural order of things. We have an adaptation of Human Nature, the story in which the Doctor gives up being the Doctor, but in the end takes on that mantle yet again. We have in the finale someone possibly less than nice claiming the title of Doctor for themself.

Gee, does it look like there might be a running theme going on here?

Again, I might be completely wrong on this. But I'm currently liking my odds.
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