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Blogging about lectures on blogging

So, todays CCM lecture - well, one of them, anyway - was, of all things, a lecture about blogging.

This makes more sense when you remember that one of our assessment tasks is keeping a blog. A "Culture Blog" to be precise. (Which I really must start up. Maybe some other time when I am less tired and lazy). Which sounds in it's desciption rather like what this blog is, only somewhat less fangirly.

In any case, I spent most of the lecture feeling rather amused by things, like the lecturer pronouncing "n00bs" in this utterly hilarious manner.

It was, for the most part, stuff I already knew - I mean, what is a blog? Easy. Though, when he got into a few blogging stats, it picked up a little.

Still, there is still something deeply deeply amusing about talking about blogs - and LiveJournal got a mention or two - in one of my classes. When the fannish and Uni collide.

Also, whenever I do get around to making my CultureBlog, which will hopefully be later this week, I'll post a link to it here. And a few other regular links, so peoples can read what I post about there.

Keeping two blogs. Huh. It'll make me feel a bit like someone with a sockpuppet. But which blog is the real one, and which is the sock...
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