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Hopes and Wishes for the Next Series of Doctor Who

Inspired by several recent posts about several recent posts about what people do or don't want in Doctor Who fandom, I've decided to run one of my own suggestions list, but focusing especially on the upcoming series three.

And, in line with the posts above, rather than focusing on what the wants list for in the show itself (which has been done many a time), I'm going for a fandom focus: What do people want out of the fandom (especially the section with a creative output).

Not particularly spoilery, but who knows what might turn up in the comments.


- Martha fanvids to songs apart from the obvious. (Dr Jones, Martha My Dear, Have You Met Miss Jones?)

- Someone doing a whole bunch of those "IM IN UR..." icons for each episode.

- At least one Shakespeare fic going with the idea of Martha as "The Dark Lady" and the Doctor as "The Fair Lord".

- A bunch of newbies joining the fandom, just as with series two.

- Daft crossovers connecting Martha with pretty much any medical show in existance.

- Ten/Jack. What more need I say?

- Fics exploring the other people in the Jones family. Or Martha's medical student friends. Or other people back on Earth. *is possibly looking in sarah531's direction*

- At least one episode causing a breakaway ship and/or character comm to form in fandom, ala GitF or Torchwood's Captain Jack Harkness.

- Fun plotty gen and friendship fics. Without excessive angst or emo.

- Martha/Jack fic. And not just to get her out of the way of Doctor/Rose.

- At least one screencap that gets turned into "That one icon everyone has."

- Random loony ships based on minor episodic characters.

- A serious, thoughtful and intelligent fic set in the past, and exploring ideas of race. (Because I suspect, being a family friendly show, we won't get huge amounts of this in canon.)

- Fans doing something completely and utterly hilariously loony, like the "How do the Doctor's pants do up" saga of last year.

- A fic where the Doctor and Martha accidentally crash Donna's party/holiday/whatever. Others have suggested it first, but I love the idea.

- nostalgia_lj continuing to do her screencap posts.

- Multi-era fics. Ten and Martha (and possibly Jack) meeting up with other Doctors and/or companions

- At least one quote becoming added to the fannish vocab.

- Darkfic. Genuine darkfic, not just angst.

- Someone writing Martha/Adeola. What?

- Bonkers polls.


- Cliches developing for Ten and Martha fic.

- Cliches being parodied for Ten and Martha fic.

- Cliches being subverted for Ten and Martha fic.

- At least one bit of bizarre fanon being created, based on some throwaway remark.

- An absence of character bashing. Sadly, I think this one isn't going to happen.

- At least one really entertaining wank

Feel free to comment on my items, or add your own. Or suggest to me places to link this (apart from lifeonmartha, since I've posted it there.)

ETA: Because it just struck me, like a bolt out of the blue: Someone needs to write a fic called "Martha Jones's Diary". Written in the style of Bridget Jones's Diary.
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