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A social life is good for the soul

Amazingly, I managed to have a night out last night without any big revelations showing in fandom. Though while I was sleeping it off, the first Doctor Who S3 teasers showed up online

But, along with tinyteddyqueen, becker_, fa11ing_away, altheas, lena_supercat, Callum and Piper, we managed to have a nice little Wing Loong's Adventure. And then have booze. (Sadly, the karaoke as planned didn't happen, on account of the karaoke place having an insanely over-charged cover price).

We also managed to spend some time in a Chinese supermarket, admiring the interesting merchandise. And buying Pocky. (Huzzah!) Oh, and I got some Kopiko (Thai Coffee lollies, and one of the greatest inventions in the universe).

Then, first place of drinking, which was The Croft Institute, since tinyteddyqueen hadn't been before. At which venue I had a Absinthe cocktail (Cherrybomb: Red Absinthe, Cherry liqeur and lemonade) which was, well, not on the weak side, shall we say.

I also got to go to the Trader Bar, finally, after having been interested by the sound of the place for ages. Not bad at all.

Oh, and to Robot again. Because anime bars are always fun, even if the don't have anime screenings that night.

And, some random pictures from our night out, specifically from Heffernan Lane, with it's weird as fuck signs:

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Details of a sign on Heffernan Lane.

And, if one were to step back a bit, they would find...

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Well, it amused me, anyway.
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