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When fashionistas strike back!

So, this morning I wondered into the city to check out the Stella McCartney launch at Target. Mostly just to look around, as I did expect it to be terribly busy, but sort of holding vague hopes that I might be able to get in and get some stuff.

And I think I underestimated how busy it was going to be. Because it was crazy. Seriously, when I got there maybe ten minutes before the opening, the line was literally half a black long. (Which I sort of accidentally jumped. Really! When the guy opening the store told us people hanging around the doors to get to the end of the queue, I was heading in that direction. But, alas, the pull of the crowd meant I got shoved right to the front of the line. I couldn't resist, I swear!)

In any case, there were TV cameras, and some lady from 3AW talking to her boss about a radio cross (as she held her radio mike in one hand). Which is fitting, seeing as I heard name-calling, people bitching, and after a women in a pram got let in first, a few others suggesting they should have brought prams to jump the queue.

It was like a mosh-pit inside, honestly. Which was bizarre, when you consider it's Target.

In any case, due to my unintentional *cough* queue-jumping, I managed to get into the store at a decent time, so I figured I might as well take advantage of it, and get some stuff.

So, I managed to get:
- The Grey Trench-Coat
(Alas, there were only Larges left, so it is somewhat too big for me, but still, it's a trench-coat. They ain't designed to be skintight.
Also, I look like someone from a noir film when I wear it)
- Pink silk camisole
- Printed pink silk scarf
- Printed silk dress

(I'll put some more pictures up when I find some that I can link to. Or just check out the catalogue pictures)

Aside from the too-big coat, it all fits well. And is terribly pretty. So I'm in a good mood.

I also missed one lecture. But that was also an accident. And I attended my other three classes.

At CHAS today, we watched The Young Ones. It is quite possibly the oddest show I have ever seen.
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