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Links 'n' Stuff

And Lo, there was a Doctor Who series Three trailer. And lo, the fandom did squee. (You can't really come to many conclusions from just that trailer without reading far too much into things. Except that you can't not like a character who bitches about textbooks. But I am full of just general yayness)

And on a vaguely similar note, due to my LJ paid account renewing itself today, I have now gained five more icon spaces. So start making with the series three icons, plz.

Otherwise in fandomland, there's some great potential wankfodder when the protagonist of Cassie Clare's original novel is reported to canon_sues. Oh, and recently we had wedding photos and other lunacy from the HorseWife guy.

Out in that thing they call reality, a little birdy informed me Minotaur had the new Doctor Who Quick Reads book (the one with Ten'n'Martha), so I toddled down to have a read. Alas, they had sold all their copies. Or the little birdy lied.

In either case, I ended up buying Vicious Circle by Mike Carey to read, and getting the latest Triple J Hottest 100 album to listen to.

And just to be contrary, I wore absolutely nothing green today
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