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And the end of something else...

Okay then. I have gone and submitted "Eye of the Day" to both ff.net and FA.org. Because ff.net is fast, for all it's flaws, it is up there already, and can be found at:


Everyone go take a look, cause I am desperate for reviews.

The school e-mail has screwed up again. And hotmail is blocked, so I can't get in touch with anyone. Evil school network! *shakes fist*

Kudos must go to maegunnbatt. Pariah got Niffled! Go you, you must be so happy.

Meh. I'm going to the open day at Monash University tomorrow. Monash being my second choice on the list of where I want to go after school. If you wanna find out more about the uni, checkout this site:


Tags: fandom: harry potter, keyword-14, keyword-17, my fanfic (yes it sometimes happens), uni

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