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I love it when fandom spontaneously combusts

Combustion of both the good and bad varieties at the moment, it must be said.

In any case, last night (UK time) was the Press Launch of Doctor Who S3, and as a result, there has been an utter bombardment of links, spoilers, news and what-not. I'd just say keep an eye on lifeonmartha, tennant_love, doctorwho, FreemaAgyeman.com, Kopic's Doctor Who News, or the OG.

Yes, I have a lot of news sources. ;)

However, as well as the press overload that's been going on, last night also saw a new trailer show up. And, well, let's just say I saw this trailer before I read any of the spoilers. And thus almost fell out of my seat.

That has to be the shippiest. Trailer. Ever.

I mean, dear Lord, it starts with Martha listing the qualities she'd like in a man... with the Doctor responding with how well he fits each. Egads! If that was part of the show itself, it'd be the flirtiest flirt that ever did flirt.

I think a running description of my thoughts when I watched the trailer for the first time could be described thus:

Oooh, new trailer, shiny.

Emphasising she's single, good way to develop some character.

Is this meant to sound as obviously paired up as that?

New clips, huzzah!

Ooh, pretty.

Martha doing CPR = neat.



[trailer ends]

I couldn't believe what mine eyes were seeing. (In the good way, of course) It was just so unexpected.

But when you consider the way they started it, well...

There is no sub in that text.
Obviously the text is a Dom

And in conclusion, the Doctor/Martha kiss = HAWT

But, it's all got me well hyped. As I've commented elsewhere, the FX look top notch, it sounds like fun, and I'm finding the media scrum highly amusing.

Also, series 4 confirmed, huzzah!

I am in need of some new icons, though

A spoilersplosion, energy drink, and up-tempo music. I think all days should start like this one did.
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