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Just a short update of much amusement

So, this evening me, fa11ing_away, tinyteddyqueen, becker_ and forsakendaemon went and saw Hot Fuzz. And we laughed our arses off. Great movie, which I must at some point see again.

Quote of the night:

becker_: "I just gave birth to an ice cube!"

In other news, the Beeb is showing off their cunning marketing strategy for Doctor Who, and have posted a short video clip of THAT spoiler on their YouTube thing.

To which my conclusion is that I don't care what the reasoning in plot for it is, it's damned hot.

Oh Beeb, you sure know how to get fannish attention.

Also, because I have to link it, what has become my all time favourite Doctor Who newspaper article. Fannish meta on the inherant loneliness of the Doctor, only found in an actual newspaper. Utterly fabulous.
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