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"Riiight. Not pompous at all then"

And I has seen Smith and Jones, and I is all full of squee. For the episode, and for what looks to be coming up with the rest of the series (Seen Confidential as well).

The short, spoiler free version: Thought it was great, a solid 4 out of 5. Nothing earth shatteringly original, but a good companion introduction and decent alien plot. Also, I is quite liking Martha from what we've seen thus far.

And for more spoilery thought, in utterly no order whatsoever:

Firstly: I am currently completely and utterly baffled as to how the final scene in this episode can not only contain both the Obligatory Rose Emo Moment (tm) - which was, to my great pleasure, not shoe-horned in at all, but seemed quite natural - but also some of the most outrageously shippy flirting between the Doctor and Martha.

How the hell does that work? And this written by RTD who has said that the Doctor barely notices Martha. BARELY NOTICES, MY ARSE. He's been keeping an eye on her all episode, who goes to see her at the end for no other reason than to ask her to come along (So obvious he was backtracking with the "just one trip" stuff), and he's flirting outrageously with her.

Which she calls him on. Smart girl. And she comments on his tight suit and the fact he's asked her out, hee!

Actually, outrageous flirting aside, I do love the final scene in this episode. It seems so... magical. More so than Rose's intro to the TARDIS, where she was (understandably) freaking out. Martha just had this sense of wonder, and questioning, as well as her shiny new theme going in the background.

Also, some classic lines there. The post title is one of them loved that one. And the Doctor's remark about cheap tricks, which tied the episode all up nicely (and was so him showing off.)

And when he mouthed along to the "Bigger on the inside" remark (apparently Tennant's own idea). The entire episode would be worth it for that.

But, back to the start. We are introduced to Martha's family, big and busy (but not as much in the foreground as Rose's lot. Not yet, anyway). For the most part, I think they were just there to set up Martha's role as peacemaker, the level-headed one of the lot, and to be the loud and busy thing she could use a holiday from.

(All the talk of the Doctor being an interruption on Martha's life now makes me think of her TARDIS time as a sort of intergalactic gap year. Though I'm sure that'd change)

Though, it'll be interesting to get some minor character fics from them. Even if most of what we know comes from the (apparently) offical Martha MySpace blog.

But I shall be interested to see where we are going with this.

Her work-mates were alright, too. Emo Julia (I think it was) who initially freaked out but later coped, Morgenstern the guy showing the Judoon around, whom I quite liked, actually. And Stoker, the boss, who was the amusingly nasty over-bearing supervisor.

The Doctor in his PJs, rambling like a loony about Ben Franklin (god bless the Doctor and his name-dropping). the wink was rather cute, too.

And then there's the rain, and the rain going upwards (which was a neat concept). And Martha on the Moon!

At which point, the Doctor overhears her being sensible, and quickly becomes All About Martha, giving others the brush-off (See what I mean about barely noticing being bull).

I did like the conversation on the balcony, even the remark about the cousin Adeola, which was unnecessary but cute. But it's good to find someone who actually, you know, thinks all the alien invasions or whatnot in the past years were real.

I liked it that the main aliens (the Judoon) weren't actually bad guys, just ruthless obeys of the rules. Nice to see some shades of grey in the alien depictions. The vampire granny was a bit too much with the monologuing, though.

Also, the "Slabs" which were leather all the way through. Did the Doctor really make that remark about a fetish? Egads.

Oh, Martha snarking about the sonic while the Doctor's on the computer. Laser Spanner, hee! And then more name-dropping.

Also, that entire scene has some utterly stupendous hair from David Tennant. I felt that deserved a paragraph of it's own.

Then there was, of course, the snog. Which, much as the Doctor said it meant nothing... well, there are other ways to get some facial genetic transfer. Probably like there are other ways to remove the Vortex from someone. He is a slutboi alien tease, is her not? And did you see Martha's swoon after...

Brave of her, to stand there when she thought the Judoon might kill her, just to give the Doctor more time to pull off his plan.

Which was interestingly self-sacrificing (and involved a hilariously mental conversation, to trigger Vampire!Granny's monologuing). Did he expect to come out of it okay, was he waiting for Martha and the CPR, or was he actually planning to regenerate out of it? Perhaps we shall never know.

I did like Martha doing CPR. And then realising it's a bit different for an alien with two hearts, and trying to compensate for that. Bless. And giving her last breathe to save him, about which essays could be written (and possibly will, once we are further into the series).

The Doctor, quite ill looking, staggering around holding Martha's limp body = fab scene. It just looked plain cool, and has some interesting subtexts to it. Also, "It's raining on the moon." = win.

And this back to the end. Which goes back to the start (I do love time-travel messes)

And with adorable Morgenstern who Martha worked with talking on the radio about the aliens being proof of Saxon's theories. *spooky noises*

I think the only bit I didn't like was the "expelling the radiation through my shoe" hopping around from the Doctor. Though the when he went and ditched the other shoe 'cos wearing one was a bit odd, it almost made up for it.

So yeah, really enjoyed it, it was great fun. A few nice throwbacks to past episode, old school and new. And Rusty's getting onto the banana references, too. Plus, what are our thoughts on the brother line? One of the lines RTD's thrown in to set the fans a-fluster, or foreshadowing?

And now I want icons. And fic smut, not smut, it's all good.

I think I'm gonna like this series.
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