Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Deja vu

*sigh* Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned my LJ to so many people around the boarding house...but everyone wanted to know what I was doing online, and I had to say something.

In case you are all wondering what this about, my life seems to be repeating itself, as I have gone and got another anonymous LJ related message - this one in RL. And before anyone starts plotting evil revenge (Yes, I am looking at you aeque), it wasn't at all abusive like the ones from The Evil Tim. It was just rather offended about a comment I made ages ago comparing Calvert (one of the houses at my school) to Slytherin.

Well, all I have to say on the matter is that obviously someone in the boarding house is slightly lacking when it comes to a sense of humour. And to repeat what I said to The Evil Tim, this is MY LJ, so it's MY opinion. If you don't like it, don't read it.

So I can say Calvert is is like Slytherin if I want. (And they probably will win the Cronk Cup, unfortunately)

Back to the study...

PS. My stupid apostrophe key is all messed up. I need to press it like a million times to get it to work! *shakes fist at apostrophe*

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