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Weird World

And my bit of oddness for today was...

You know my last post, nitpicking the Dopamine poster in the Smith and Jones set?

Well, today I got an SMS from my mother in response to it.

Yes, really. My mum is responding to my LJ posts via SMS. What a strange, strange world it is I live in.

If anyone cares, the message was as follows (and I'm quoting direct here):

"Dopamine is a drug used by infusion in intensive care units fairly routinely"

In other strangeness, my response to having been off food for the last few days? is to go grocery shopping. At least when I start actually wanting to eat again, I'll have some stuff.

And because of Prac swaps and whatnot, I had 7 hours of class today. Blech. I is tired now.
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