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All In The Family

So, yesterday I went out to Rippon Lea for my cousin's wedding. Which was really terribly pretty (except for the bit when it got interrupted by the sound of a train going past), and quite nice. Quite a few people were there too. I was rather a fan of Andie's wedding dress, I have to say. Very nice. The bridesmaid's dresses were a lovely colour, but I didn't like the style of skirt.

Pity it wasn't a little warmer, though, because as pretty as it all was, it got a bit chilly being a garden wedding. But there wasn't rain, for which I think everyone was grateful.

The reception after was at the old and extremely fancy house, and was really quite posh. But, you know, everything seemed to go quite well.

I actually managed to have a new dress for it, even if I couldn't get the one I wanted because they didn't have my size. Instead I got the Dress Of CleavageTM.

And, I managed to catch up with Ye Olde Family Goss. Apart from, you know, my cousin who was getting married, I also managed to meet another of my cousins' boyfriend for the first time. And another cousin of mine is apparently going to be moving down to Melbourne in June (and her Husband's getting discharged from the Navy). I believe she's also pregnant again.

Also met my two baby second-cousins, too. Wentworth is still only a few months old, but he was very quiet and well behaved. Penelope - who's parents are the ones coming to Melbourne - is now two and extremely energetic, I must say.

On a slightly less extended family note, Dad's due for a hip replacement in about two weeks, I believe. And he's also given up smoking finally. The Parentals have apparently also gone and sold off all the sheep and cattle, and are leasing out a lot of the farm now. And the Blue Gums are apparently only a year or two off harvest. Which is quite odd when you consider I can remember when they were just planted.

Oh, my family, how interesting and full of strangeness you are.

I also have a whole lot of Easter Eggs lying around. Plus two bits of wedding cake in my fridge.
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