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Or rather, I had a haircut today. And now I has hair of a proper length. (It it just me, or is it disturbingly easy to slip into cat macro-ese? Seriously...)

I also have a pile of pdfs on a flashdrive, so I can look at and reference for writing up paper type things. Two lab reports, egads, though one isn't til Thursday, so since I've got most of the stats stuff done for it, it can wait a bit longer.

Oh, and the CCM paper, which I am going to do on a V for Vendetta clip - namely the first bit of Blowing Shit UpTM to music. Because I can mess around with analysing the clip and all. And then tangent off onto to some interesting stuff on the portrayal of terrorism in movies, especially in the current era.

Ah, tangents, how I love you.
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